Is Fantasy Brown A Good Choice For Your Kitchen Countertop?

The common types of stones used for homes and businesses are quartzite, granite and marble. The way to categorize whether a stone is quartzite, granite or marble is mostly based on its hardness. Marble is the softest stone of the three, while quartzite is the hardest. Granite, the most common choice, falls in the [...]

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Two Reasons Why Gold Is Coming Back

The taste that consumers have for a new and exciting color pallet is ever changing. Ten years ago 75% of stones sold from our shop were granite and 25% were quartz. Fast-forward to today, and the numbers have reversed, with quartz being selected 75% of the time, while granite only making up for 25% [...]

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The “Granite vs Quartz” Dilemma

What is the difference? Should I follow the trend or should I get what I like? What is the trend? With contemporary kitchen designs being the most requested, quartz is definitely the new trend. But why would quartz be considered more “contemporary?” Well, the basic design concept with contemporary is essentially that: Less Is [...]

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Happy Customer Review – Anthony Fanelli

"I would highly recommend NSS Natural Stone Solutions to anyone considering purchasing solid surface counters for a new or existing home. The NSS team was very pleasant and helpful during the selection process and, most importantly, executed in a very professional and timely manner with very high quality and precision final results. Having just finished [...]

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Happy Customer Review – Mr. Townsend

"I  have been very satisfied from the first contact with the sales person to the excellent job and overall service that NSS has done on my kitchen counter tops. The customer service is great and the two sales ladies were a pleasure to work with. The quote was compatible with the workmanship and service the company provided.  I would not hesitate to [...]

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Quartz Dream Kitchen Realized – Gina Arias

This was a kitchen project where we installed Carrara Marmi Quartz that included 2 waterfall edges (where the end of the counter continues over the edge to the floor). This is a very specific detail, since waterfall is tough to do and tough to get right. In fact we had to remake one of [...]

Quartz Dream Kitchen Realized – Gina Arias2017-08-03T18:13:05+00:00
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